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Scaling Security

Embed Security Champions in all teams

Security Champions are widely recognised as the most effective way to scale security. While remaining primarily skilled as developers, testers, architects, business analysts, etc., they act as a voice for security within a team and bring a foundational knowledge of security into daily discussions. They identify when more expertise is required and engage with Security Engineering.
All teams should have a Security Champion who regularly interacts with Security Engineering and ensures the team receives the support they need to meet security needs.

Co-locate technical security specialists alongside delivery teams

Working from the same physical location can confer advantages that are hard to replicate remotely. While we value the flexibility we get from communications tools like Slack, having technical security specialists physically present brings significant benefits. It allows them to get hands on, pairing with developers and testers or running threat modelling sessions increases their impact substantially and often reduces the time to resolve critical issues. It also has a very positive effect on the relationship between Security Engineering and delivery teams.
When an engagement spans multiple locations, technical security specialists should be available to meet delivery teams in person wherever possible.